We share our knowledge related to medicine information via presentations, seminars, workshops and courses.

Forum Seminar: The labelling manager

Package leaflet, artwork and quality control - condensed



Forum Seminar: Product information

SmPC, package insert, labeling - the essentials

DGRA-Workshop - Productinformation and Labelling

Patient‘s expectations, Patient compliant packaging, Regulatory aspects, PI and medication errors, Electronic leaflets and mobile technologies

Forum Seminar: Product information

SmPC, package insert & labeling

Forum Seminar: QRD Template Workshop

Implementation, company-internal adjustments, practical exercises

Forum Seminar: Product information

Generation of SmPCs, package inserts, labeling

Forum seminar: Package insert - seminar for experts

Use of sample/reference texts and QRD templates, practical exercises for using the QRD template, readability user testing and bridging studies

Forum seminar: Labeling, package insert and QRD-Templates, Bonn, Germany

Expirience with readability user testing (RUT), using QRD templates

Forum training: Labeling, package inserts and QRD templates, Bonn, Germany

Use of QRD templates, questions relating to labeling

12th EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conference, London, United Kingdom

Learning from current experience - did readability tests improve the quality of information and satisfy patients‘ needs?

Forum seminar: Labeling, package inserts and QRD templates, Bonn, Germany

Use of QRD templates

Forum seminar: Labeling, package insert and QRD templates, Bonn, Germany

Using the new QRD templates

Pharma Packaging 2012, 6th annual meeting, Berlin, Germany

The new QRD templates for product information

Pharma Packaging 2011, 5th annual meeting, Berlin, Germany

Readability Guideline & Labelling: Recent experience on implementation and readability tests

Forum seminar: Labeling, package inserts and the coming QRD templates, Bonn, Germany

The coming QRD templates

Meeting of the Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP), London, United Kingdom

The ideal OTC package insert

Pharmaceutical Colloquium at the Institute of Pharmacy, Bonn, Germany

User friendly patient information via package inserts - status and perspectives

Training program for Chinese Medicines Agency (State Food and Drug Administration), Bonn, Germany

Patient information via package inserts within the European Union

Joint EMEA - CMDh - DIA workshop on package insert user testing, London, United Kingdom

The way forward on user testing - CRO's perspective

Colloquium Pharmaceuticum, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Comprehensible package inserts and SmPC writing

The Pharmaceutical Appliance and Epidemiology Research Associations (GAA) 14th annual meeting, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Is splitting tablets an appropriate method to save medical costs

BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices) in the dialogue regarding package inserts in a European context and the new legal requirements, Bonn, Germany

Developing and testing an instrument to evaluate and optimise package inserts

The Pharmaceutical Appliance and Epidemiology Research Associations 13th Annual meeting (GAA), Berlin, Germany

Package inserts and their influence on drug safety and therapy success

Training for employees of pharmacies to carry out the large vaccination advice in Thuringian pharmacies, Erfurt, Germany

Vaccination advice in pharmacies: workable, efficient, essential

The vaccination advice project in Brandenburg pharmacies, Germany

Vaccination advice in pharmacies

The major vaccination advice project in Thuringian pharmacies, Germany


3rd German congress of health care research, Bielefeld, Germany

Optimisation of package inserts to improve information and compliance

13th international social pharmacy workshop, Malta - Programm

Package inserts and their comprehensibility for patients

2nd German Patient Law Day, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Information for patients - many package inserts have deficiencies

DPhG annual meeting, Regensburg, Germany

Improving package inserts to increase patient compliance

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