The team at PAINT-Consult is highly educated in the fields of pharmacy and health promotion and includes both German and English native speakers. We are proud to say that it is a team possessed of a level of scientific expertise that is difficult to surpass in Europe.

The PAINT-Consult team has the advantage of over 20 years’ experience in producing patient-friendly information about medicines, readability user tests (RUT) of package inserts and usability tests. Our numerous publications demonstrate our extensive and multi-facetted study basis in package inserts and readability user tests; as well as in various other medical and healthcare issues.

Your contact:

Dr. Jörg Fuchs
Managing director, pharmacist
Phone: +49 3641 549396
E-mail: info(at)

Readability user tests, research,
usability tests, medical information
Europe, USA, Canada

Why PAINT-Consult?

  • our speed and exceptional reliability in service
  • our most comprehensive scientific study base and professional expertise
  • we always find solutions for your medicine projects

Last update: 23.04.2024

  +49 3641 549396