Department of Drug Regulatory Affairs
The Department of Drug Regulatory Affairs of the RFW-University of Bonn is the first university department in Germany to investigate fundamental matters concerning drug regulatory affairs. It provides a vital link between universities, the pharmaceutical industry, their affiliated associations and politics.

PAINT-Consult scientifically investigates topics associated with package inserts and readability testing at the Department of Drug Regulatory Affairs.

mt-g is the leading provider for translation services and global information management dedicated exclusively to medical science. They specialise primarily in medical technology and diagnostics, regulatory affairs, dental medicine and other specialised medical disciplines.

design & marketing
Design graduate Kerstin Hoppe runs the "design & marketing" office in Jena. The business specialises in illustrating product information, packaging and other media, with technical graphics for the visual illustration of the textual content.

Bähren Druck
Bähren Druck is the specialist for a large variety of secondary packaging materials – primarily supplying the pharmaceutical, but also the cosmetics and food industries. Worldwide, Bähren Druck provides a service which prioritises patient and customer safety, yet retains an innovative edge.

Each Bähren Druck product reflects the quality, know-how and security that only an experienced specialist can offer: ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP and more, confirm this year on year.


Last update: 17.06.2024

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