The basis for any successful project is sound research.
Our extensive professional and scientific experience enables us to carry out insightful studies into medicinal and healthcare issues.

These cover the areas of:

  • vaccine protection and medicine benefit studies
  • technological analyses, for example, according to the pharmacopoeia
  • studies concerning handling of medicines, medical devices and their application systems
  • compliance studies

PAINT-Consult conducts planning, coordination, realisation and evaluation of studies. On request, we also offer publication and presentation services of the results obtained from these studies.

Examples of our previous studies include:

  • vaccination advice campaign for patients to determine the vaccination status and support vaccination (PDF
  • study of the DIMDI safety logo concerning purchase of medicines by mail order (PDF)
  • study of the amount of liquid used by patients to take tablets or capsules (PDF)
  • pharmacopoeia study on the uniformity of tablet halves after division (PDF)

Last update: 13.07.2024

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