Social activities

PAINT-Consult has been supporting TARGET every year since 2006
TARGET is a non-profit making human rights organisation founded in 2000, which campaigns against female genital mutilation. In addition, TARGET manages a mobile field hospital in Ethiopia and supports a hospital for the WaiapĂ­ Indians in the Brazilian rain forest.

"Jenaer Tafel", a local project supported by PAINT-Consult since 2006
"Jenaer Tafel" is a non-profit making organisation, which provides food donations and warm meals to needy people living in Jena and the surrounding area. The number of people who live in poverty has escalated since the German government introduced the low long-term unemployment payment scheme, known as "Harz IV". At present approximately 1000 people receive assistance from the "Jenaer Tafel".

One example of our ongoing yearly support  for the "Jenaer Tafel" included our assistance in the purchase of a refrigeration trailer by the organisation (PDF).

Last update: 22.05.2024

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