Forum Seminar: Product information

28 June and 4 December 2018, Cologne, Germany - SmPC, package insert & labeling

Forum Seminar: product information

7 - 8 December 2017 in Cologne - Product information, inclusive workshop

Forum Seminar: QRD Template Workshop - implementation, company-internal adjustments, practical exercises

26 January 2017, Cologne, Germany - Workshop: use of updated QRD templates

Landscape versus portrait format in package leaflets

Which format is more suitable according to readability test results from the PAINT3 study?

New research published concerning handling the ongoing volume of text increase in package leaflets

Resource-saving solutions that additionally guarantee a good standard of legibility for package leaflets


Extensive research published concerning the QRD template

Dr. Anna Wolf finalised extensive work in February 2015 concerning the QRD template of the European Union, under PAINT-Consult’s supervision at the University of Bonn.


New opacity study published by PAINT-Consult

How best to assess paper quality for package leaflets – weight or opacity?


QRD bridging form published

The EMA has published a QRD form for submission and assessment of user testing bridging proposals.


List of MAH representatives in package inserts no longer required

According to QRD template version 9.1 MAH list is no longer essential


CMDh publishes position paper on the use of QR codes

Two dimensional codes enable easy access to detailed information.

Forum seminar: Labeling, package insert and QRD templates

26 - 27 February 2015, Bonn, Germany - Workshop: experience with readability user testing, using QRD templates

New QRD template versions 9.1 and 3.1

On 10 June 2015, the EMA published the new QRD template versions 9.1 and 3.1


Forum training: Labeling, package inserts and QRD templates

10 - 12 February 2014, Bonn , Germany - Workshop: use of QRD templates, questions relating to labeling

Move into larger premises

Address: Wenigenjenaer Ufer 12, 07749 Jena, Germany

12th EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conference

17 - 18 January 2013, London, UK - Presentation: Learning from current experience - did readability tests improve the quality of information and satisfy patients' needs?

Pharma Packaging 2012, 6th annual meeting

14 February 2012, Berlin, Germany - Presentation: The new QRD templates for product information

Our ongoing effort, since 1999, to improve the comprehensibility in package inserts continues to yield results.

The Forsa Opinion Research Institute, acting on behalf of the ERGO Insurance Group AG, interviewed 2600 people. The results show that package inserts are the most comprehensible product information in Germany.

Meeting of the Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP)

6 April 2011, London, UK - Presentation: The "ideal" OTC package insert

Pharma Packaging 2011, 5th annual meeting

14 February 2011, Berlin, Germany - Presentation: Readability Guideline and Labelling: Recent experience on implementation and readability tests.

CMDh position paper: PAINT-Consult's written readability test method is once again acknowledged

CMDh once again recommended PAINT-Consult's written readability test method as an alternative

Training program for Chinese Medicines Agency (SFDA)

26 November - 3 December 2010, University of Bonn, Germany - Presentation: Patient information via package inserts within the European Union

Dissertation University of Bonn, Department of Drug Regulatory Affairs

Supervised by PAINT-Consult, Dr. Claudia Hertzsch completed her dissertation relating to: Possibilities and limitations in preparing patient-friendlier package inserts with regard to content, formal design and amount of text.

MHRA again confirms acceptance of our written readability test

PAINT3 study

PAINT-Consult completes participant recruitment for the PAINT3 study - a readability test study of 271 randomly selected German package inserts with 5091 participants.

European Commission demand a minimum font size of 9pt as recommended by PAINT-Consult


Joint DIA – EMEA – CMD(h) workshop on user testing

5 December 2008, London, UK - Vortrag: The way forward on user testing - CRO's perspective

PAINT2 study

PAINT2 study is accomplished. This is an analysis of 271 package inserts randomly chosen from those available on the German medicine market.

Frequency explanations of side effects developed in the PAINT1 study are recommended throughout the European Union


Vaccination advice in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Scientific leadership of the large vaccination advice campaign for pharmacies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania during 2007, including training courses for pharmacy staff

Europe-wide acceptance of the written readability test developed and used by PAINT-Consult


Vaccination advice in Brandenburg

Scientific leadership of the large vaccination advice campaign for pharmacies in Brandenburg during 2007, including training courses for pharmacy staff

Vaccination advice in Thuringia

Scientific leadership of the large vaccination advice campaign in pharmacies throughout Thuringia during 2005, including training courses for pharmacy staff

The PAINT-Consult company is formed

PAINT1 study

The PAINT1 study is accomplished. Using a cross-over study design and the written readability test, the PAINT1 study investigated five original and five model package inserts with 1105 participants.


Dr. Jörg Fuchs commences intensive research and scientific studies into package inserts and readability tests

Forum Seminar: The labeling manager
Forum Seminar: Product information
Readability Test Results from the PAINT3 study: Should package leaflets be coloured in the future?

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