Forum Seminar: The labeling manager

24 - 25 June 2019, Mannheim, Germany - package insert, artwork and quality control - condensed

Forum Seminar: Product information

4 Juni 2019, Cologne, Germany and 3 December 2019, Berlin, Germany - SmPC, package insert, labeling - the essentials

Readability Test Results from the PAINT3 study: Should package leaflets be coloured in the future?

The use of colour to emphasise important information and headings of package leaflets has been recommended in the readability guideline of the European Union since 1998. The study referred to in this article investigated the advantages and disadvantages of coloured and black/greyscale versions.


Typographic Changes in Package Leaflets of the European Union Based on the Example of German Versions Between 2005 and 2015

Typography significantly influences the legibility and usability of patient information. This study investigated the implementation and changes of different typographic subjects in package leaflets used in the European Union.


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